Family owned and Burbank born, Simply Twisted Soft Serve & Desserts offers quality soft serve and a variety of desserts. We are committed to serving our community with the best ingredients available and the most delicious ice cream. Our family’s love of ice cream is what started this venture and we hope to pass that on to our patrons.

As a kid, I spent every summer visiting my grandparents in Nashville. My fondest memories of summer are going to the local Dairy King with my grandpa for a simple chocolate cone. Seriously, I was super spoiled and we went every day! My husband spent summers on the lake in upstate New York doing the same exact thing. We have passed that love down to our three kids and when visiting our families, it’s our first stop. Those same children who are now teenagers and a college grad cannot be more excited to now have a never-ending supply!

For us, soft serve cones remind us of hot summer days, memories of beloved family, and puts a smile on our face. It brightens the day and has the ability to change your mood. It’s science people! Ice cream makes you feel happy! Whether you are having a bad day, your kids are driving you crazy or you’re in need of a sweet treat, we have you covered! After all in our world, ice cream is love.

Adrianne & Jim O'Neill

The Kiddo's Jay, Ella & Colin O'Neill

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